Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting to my happy place

This weekend I'm going to Miami for a mini-vacay. One of my BFFs lives there (free lodging!), so I go pretty often. Miami is one of those places that's great to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there, for a lot of reasons. However, besides the free lodging, it can be a quick and relatively inexpensive trip to my happy place: the beach. I've talked previously about how the beach is one of the only places where I feel at peace and truly relaxed. Whether that's a good, bad or weird thing remains to be seen, but it's the truth. It's so much the truth that with unlimited funds I'd visit as many beaches as possible and rate them according to relaxation level (if that's a thing), all for the benefit of my lovely readers of course :)

So while the beach is my happy place, where's your happy place? If you don't have a happy place, that means you have a sad place, and that's just...sad.

Stay random and move to a happy place,


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