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Scandal Indeed: Thoughts on Season 3 and Sociopathic Popes

So another Scandal season has come and gone, and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling some kind of way about and not necessarily a warm and fuzzy way. Let's get into it, shall we?

Return of the Mack

In previous Scandal seasons, Olivia was a professional badass fixer even though she was a hot mess in her personal life (You know, having an affair with the president will do that to a girl). In three seasons we went from "It's handled," to "I thought it was handled, but it wasn't and now I've created an even bigger mess." I rebuke this weak, confused, unsure Olivia and beg Shonda Rhimes to fix this (see what I did there) because this Olivia is asking for a "snap out it" slap and a channel change if she doesn't get her ish together.

Remember when Olivia did her job and did it well? Remember when she fixed things for folks other than Fitz and his needy, selfish behind? Bring back new clients and the Olivia we know and love. Fix it Jesus!

Parents Just Don't Understand...That Murder Isn't Always the Answer

It must be very, uh....interesting to have parents who who kill people unnecessarily to protect you and give you what you think you want. However, then you have to admit your parents are sociopaths and that's a bit of a sticky wicket.

Papa and Mama Pope (bravo Joe Morton and Khandi Alexander!) were not here for Fitz treating their daughter like a used dishrag, so they joined forces to teach Fitz that there's a price for a free and fair election and to get him away from their daughter. All they had to do was blow up a few things and kill some folks, including Fitz's oldest son (or brother, depending on who you believe) on national TV on the eve of the election. After all, in Papa Pope's world "He took my child so I took his," is a totally reasonable rationale. Oh, and let's not forget Papa Pope also wasn't having it when Fitz took his other "child," B613, when he made Jake Command, so Papa Pope had to let everyone know who was really in charge. Ladies and gentlemen, when someone tells you, "I am the hell and the high water," believe them.

Is Olitz Over?

One of the major bright spots in the season 3 finale was the pumping of brakes on Olivia and Fitz's torturous love affair, or as the kids call them, Olitz. In the beginning these two had so much passion and chemistry that it was hard not root for them despite all the adultery. However, as the seasons rolled on, we got to see Fitz in all his awfulness and the havoc it was wreaking on Olivia. That, and the fact that Mellie became a lot more sympathetic this season , the Olitz relationship drama just got tedious and frustrating. 

Now that Olivia has left D.C. to stand in the sun with Jake, let's hope that we won't have to hear anything about Fitz and Liv making jam in Vermont for a looonnnggg time. These two need a break. Not the D.Wade/Ludacris have a baby with another broad type of break, but a significant time out is definitely in order.

Quinn. Gotta. Die. (But Harrison will probably be the one)

Confession time: I've NEVER liked the Quinn character. She was annoying and stupid when she didn't know her name was Lindsey and she hasn't changed during her time with B613 and her return (?) to Pope & Associates. She's like the bothersome little gnat that you just can't kill no matter  how many times you clap your hands in the air. Oh, and let's not forget those gross sex scenes with Huck. Lawd. Now that Quinn has located Huck's ridiculously attractive family, one can only hope that Quinn has outlived her usefulness and will go be annoying somewhere else.

RIP Harrison...Maybe?
And while we're talking about characters that may or  may not bite the big one, let's look at the situation with ya boy Harrison. I concur with other folks who say that the season finale was written the way it was for a reason. Shonda and co. probably didn't intend to kill him off, but with Columbus Short acting a MONKEY FOOL, it looks like Shonda gave herself room to ax his character if he doesn't deal with his demons.

I really need these Black actors to get it together. Have we learned nothing from Isaiah Washington or Gary Dourdan, two actors who screwed up the best TV jobs they were ever going to have for some mess (Isaiah's case was a little different, but you get my point)? I learned from it, and I'm not an actor. On the real, Columbus needs help and hopefully he'll get it before he hurts himself or someone else. 

Anywho, that's my rant about Scandal, and I'm sticking to it. While enjoyable at times, this season strayed from a winning formula, and one can only hope that Queen Shonda realizes this and gets back to basics.

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