Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Miss Football and This is How I Cope

Considering that I really didn't understand football basics until last year, the fact that I miss the game is a little surprising to me. Having no real football news to digest has created a small void in my sports news consumption habits, so I can only imagine how hard-core fans are handling their withdrawal.

So far the only big football news is the whole Michael Sam drama, and I understand why it's a big deal. Quick note on Michael Sam: What he did was brave, so hopefully his bravery won't be met with cowardice from NFL teams on draft day. 

*Gets down off soapbox* Anywho, back to the original topic. I'm coping with the absence of football the best way I know how, with laughter.

If you want to see a hilarious interpretation what your favorite players and coaches might be saying on the field (oh how I wish), check out NFL Bad Lip Reading. I'm particularly fond of the the latest installment.

Go ahead and get your laugh on. It will make the countdown to kickoff that much easier. Remember, THIS IS NOT A TOY! Gotta watch the vid to understand what I'm talking about :)

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