Wednesday, July 24, 2013


What sickened me most about the George Zimmerman verdict, besides the fact that a murderer profiled an innocent child and wasn't held accountable for his death, was the message that the verdict sent to Black boys and Black people everywhere: You are worthless. Your lives, little Black boy and Black girl, don't matter. Kill dogs? You're going to jail! Kill a Black child? Is that all? Man, go home and go to sleep. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell,Amadou Diallo,and countless others going back to Emmett Till and beyond. Yep, the message from your country is clear: We care about our pets more than we care about you, even to the point of death.

Well, that message can go to hell, and thankfully in the midst of this tragedy people are trying to drown it out, whether it's the Dream Defenders protesting Stand Your Ground laws in Florida, the NAACP's push for civil rights charges against Trayvon's killer, the multiracial coalition that's taken to the streets nationwide to protest the verdict, or the faith, strength and courage of Trayvon's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

Here's another example, a beautiful example of art as advocacy, advocacy for the worth and value of Black boys who too often are targets because they dare to Black, young and male in America. Written and produced by actor Omari Hardwick, Little Black Wonder is a tribute to Trayvon Martin and other "Little Black Boy Wonders" through spoken word. The piece features Hardwick and other notable actors including David Oweloyo, Eriq LaSalle, and Gary Dourdan.

I watched the video twice and had to hold back tears at my desk each time. The fact that this video doesn't have a million views surprises me, so that's why I'm doing my part to spread this beautiful message. Black boys and Black girls, please know that you matter and that we will fight for you.

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